Services and Packages

Health and Fitness Services and Packages​

Package a – “let’s get healthy” or basic

• Single Session or Once a Week One on One Training Learn the Basics of Biomechanics, Warm-up, Stretching, Weight Training and the importance of cardiovascular health, nutritional guidance (no customized) as well as tips to maximize workouts and results. (Weekly)

Package b – “let’s get fit” or Intermediate

• 2 One on One Training Sessions Body Fat Analysis and Measurements Basic Diet Plan Supplement Recommendation  Intermediate Weight Training HIIT and LIIT (Weekly)

Package c – “let’s get aesthetic/swole” or premium

• 3 One on One Training Sessions Includes Everything On  Previous Plans Plus The Following:Personalized Nutrition Plan According to Your Needs and Goals Customized Cardio Programs  (HIIT, LIIT,and Plyometrics) Advanced Body Sculpting Techniques Supplement Recommendation and Explanation. (Weekly) EMAIL FOR INFO

Package d – “let’s transform thyself/advanced athletic” or elite

• 5 One on One Training Sessions Includes Everything on the Previous Plus The Following: Advanced Body Sculpting and/or Bodybuilding Techniques, Complete Goal Mapping, Physique Composition Evaluation, Weekly Tracking and Bi-Weekly Weight Ins. (Weekly)

Booty building

Monthly Fee (Pre-Paid)  Meet With Me  Once Per Week For An Hr. (by Appointment Only) To Strictly Train Glutes and Legs to Maximize and Accelerate the Development of Lean Mass  Using Safe Progressive Method to Transform Your Physique into a Curvy an Amazing  Figure/Silhouette. (Monthly)

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online coaching​

12 Weeks Online Training
Includes weight loss, coaching, bikini prep, full workouts w/ exercise & nutrition plans, Once per Week Meeting.  Bi-weekly updates, phone consults, text reminders (vitamins/supplements etc.) diet adjustments, and workout schedules. If you live in Las Vegas or San Francisco We will meet periodically to track progress

Nutrition Plan and Monitoring

Personalized Nutrition Plan According to Your Specific Dietary Restrictions, Individual Needs and/or Specific Aesthetic Goals. If You Are Already Familiar with Weight Training etc., and Just Need A Nutrition Plan to Maximize and Accelerate Results with Periodic Monitoring/Tracking and Coaching this is the Plan of  You.

Payment Options

Cash, Paypal, Quick Pay, Ca$h, and Venmo.
Discounts of 25% Offered For 2 Months Pre-paid,  For Couples, and Small Groups  (4 Trainees or Less).

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