About Angiel

Angiel A. Alpha-Lucente

fitness, health and nutrition coach​: aaaesthetic fitness


education and qualifications

  • certified personal trainer (propta)
  • certified Nutriton tech. Specialist (PROPTA)
  • cpr and AED
  • National physique committee- National level bikini competitor
  • areas of expertise: body sculpting/building and nutrition​​
  • liberal arts associates (HCC) tampa, fl​​
  • international relations social science (Marist) poughkeepsie, ny​​
  • advanced sports nutrition and supplementation (currently enrolled (propta and ncsf)​​

  • a little about me

    From early childhood, I’ve been very involved in fitness. from rollerblading, cycling, volleyball, softball, swimming, skiing, and running fitness has been my life.

    I have always been amazed and very intrigued about he human body, its parts, and functions. Everything we eat and do affects the composition and health of our bodies and makes us who we are and how we feel.

    Health and fitness was not my initial career choice. My loves were social sciences, international affairs, and linguistics. However, my passion for fitness and love to educate people inspired me to devoted my full focus to being a health and nutrition coach.. aside from being a fines coach I love to travel and compete.

    I lived in 3 different countries (dominican republic and japan) I speak several languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Italian). Today, Las Vegas and San Francisco are my homes, but I’ve also lived in Florida and New York city.


    Favorite Quotes

    1) Whether is now or later… Your body will always hand you the bill. Everything that you do or do not get accounted for.
    2) Although external beauty and radiance is important; internal beauty is essential.